10,000-year-old Trident and 3,000-year-old Vajra found in the Philippines: Syed Shameer Hussain

A researcher and businessman Syed Shameer Hussain claims Trident (Trishul) belongs to Lord Shiva, and Vajra is the weapon of Lord Indra

New Delhi: A 10,000-year-old Trident and a 3,000-year-old Vajra were unveiled at the Press Club by a researcher and businessman. He claims that this centuries-old Trident (Trishul) belongs to Lord Shiva, and Vajra is the weapon of Indra, popularly known as the God of Rain and Storms in Hinduism. In a Press Conference at Press Club of India, New Delhi, Syed Shameer Hussain, a researcher and businessman, says on Friday that trident and vajra were found during mining in the Philippines in May 2015. He has been associated with copper ore and gold mining in the Philippines since 2012. He was working closely with the local residents.

On May 5, 2015, the labor supervisor summoned him to the mining site after finding something unusual. At the time of his finding, he was quite surprised to see antiquities like the trident and vajra in the Philippines. Later, he recognized these antiquities as Lord Shiva’s Trishul and Indra’s Vajra. He brought these antiquities to India in 2016 and did research to find something substantial to support his claim.

“I spent almost eight years trying to understand things. After a lot of research and discussion, I reached the conclusion that these are not just antiquities but are clearly associated with the roots of centuries-old Indian civilization and culture”, said a Bengaluru resident researcher.

Syed Shameer Hussain says that he even met and discussed with archaeologists to ascertain the authenticity of thousands of years-old antiquities and came to the conclusion that the 10,000-year-old Trident directly belongs to Lord Shiva and the 3,000-year-old Vajra is the weapon used by Lord Indra.

He says that during the research, he met several religious leaders to discuss what should be done with the Trishul and Vajra. According to Syed Shameer Hussain, people gave different opinions. Some even expressed their desire to buy these antiquities, but he rejected all such offers.

Yet he has not decided what to do he is looking for people to come forward and give suggestions he is looking for proper person to join and do some think where all the world should know about this both Trishul and Vajra.