Novigo Solutions Celebrates 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Transformative Technology Solutions and Innovation

Novigo Solutions, a mangalore-based leading IT company, proudly celebrated their 10th year anniversary along with 800+ Novigoites. on 19th August,2023 at the Avatar Hotel in Mangalore.

The jubilant celebration was inaugurated by CEO of Novigo Solutions, Praveen Kumar Kalbavi, along with the co-founders: Chief Technology Officer Mohammed Hanif, Chief Operating Officer Mohammed Jarood Musthafa, and Chief Customer Officer Shihab Kalandar.

 This significant milestone marks a decade of dedication, innovation, and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to its global clientele.

Our global presence extends across the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Singapore. Recently, we’ve also established a center in the UK. Our clientele spans over 20 countries worldwide. said Praveen Kumar Kalbhavi, CEO of Novigo Solutions. Commending his co-founders and the entire Novigo family, he expressed his gratitude, stating, “I extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow co-founders for their instrumental role in achieving this significant milestone over the past decade.” He specifically highlighted his pride in the dedicated members of the Novigo family, particularly those who have served the company as valued employees for numerous years.

During the event, nine individuals who had completed a decade of service within the company were recognized and presented with Ola electric scooters as tokens of appreciation. Concurrently, the company also acknowledged 45 employees with 8-gram gold coins for their five years of dedicated service. This special recognition extended to both employees and their families.

A series of engaging competitions, including singing and cultural dance events, were organized for the employees, with deserving winners receiving well-deserved awards. Beyond the competitions, a range of entertainment programs were also arranged to ensure a memorable occasion.

Novigo Solutions has maintained a strong focus on innovation, leveraging the latest technologies to provide scalable and efficient solutions. They aspire to be recognized globally as a leader in technology solutions, with a mission to empower their customers through cutting-edge and modern technologies.

The company’s core values of Ethical Business Practices, Delivery Excellence, Providing the Best-in-Class Value Proposition to Clients, and Employee Engagement have been the driving force behind their success. Novigo’s unique business model ensures that each client receives exceptional quality and diverse capabilities, combined with personalized attention to achieve unparalleled success.

Over the years, Novigo Solutions has developed immense expertise in various domains, including business process automation, legacy modernization, cloud migration, marketing collaboration, and addressing productivity and efficiency challenges. Their expertise extends across the latest technology platforms such as Azure ADS, Synapse, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Power Platform: Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI & Power Virtual Agents, Microservices, Open Source Technologies, Snowflake, SalesForce, Business Intelligence and Agile Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Data Science and Data Warehousing, E-Content Services, ERP Implementation, and Hybrid Mobile Applications using Low-code technology powered by Outsytems.

As Novigo Solutions looks ahead to the future, they remain committed to pioneering innovative solutions that address evolving technological challenges and cater to the unique needs of their clients across industries.

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About Novigo Solutions: Novigo Solutions is a globally renowned Technology Focused Organization specializing in End-to-End IT Services, Technology Consulting, Business Consulting, Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Novigo Solutions has achieved multiple certifications, including Microsoft Gold, UiPath Diamond, Nintex, Datarobot & Outsystems certifications, as well as ISO 2700:2013, 9001:2015, and CMMI level 3 certifications. They offer a diverse range of services and expertise in the latest technology platforms, delivering transformative solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital era.