Now Lawyers Can Manager Their Court Cases With MyMunshi App- A Virtual Law Clerk

MyMunshi, a product of Rabhyaa-Rabhav Corporate Pvt Ltd, is a revolutionary virtual law clerk designed to streamline legal firm management.  This litigation management solution caters to lawyers practicing in India’s Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, and Tribunals. MyMunshi offers a comprehensive set of features, including real-time case updates, instant access to orders/judgments, legal billing management, and up-to-date legal updates. This article highlights the key functionalities and benefits of MyMunshi in enhancing the efficiency and organization of legal practice.

Core Features:

Matter Management: MyMunshi’s core module enables lawyers to effortlessly manage all case matters. It provides easy access to related client information, invoices, orders, cause lists, and more, ensuring a highly organized case management system.

Real-time Updates: Lawyers can receive minute-by-minute updates on court hearings and listed causelists directly through the MyMunshi platform, ensuring that they stay up-to-date with all developments.

Instant Document Alerts: The platform offers access to millions of orders and judgments with instant document alerts delivered through WhatsApp and the MyMunshi mobile app.

Display Board: Lawyers can track court proceedings in real-time and obtain the current court serial numbers of listed cases, providing an efficient overview of court activities.

Legal Billing Management: MyMunshi simplifies legal billing by managing invoicing for different billing methods, including flat fees, hourly fees, and contingency billing.

Latest Legal Updates: Lawyers can access legal updates from the Supreme Court, High Courts, and other Courts/Tribunals in both English and Hindi, keeping them informed of important legal developments.

WhatsApp Agendas: An exclusive feature allows lawyers to receive daily agendas directly on WhatsApp through the on-demand service.

Apart from MyMunshi, Rabhyaa-Rabhav Corporate Pvt Ltd is successfully running Law Trend, a legal news portal covering Legal updates and Judgements From Supreme Court to District Courts. Law Trend offers a yearly subscription, providing legal updates from various courts/tribunals in English and Hindi, bare acts, rules, court links, and legal drafts.

MyMunshi by Rabhyaa-Rabhav Corporate Pvt Ltd presents a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that acts as a virtual law clerk for lawyers, law students, academicians, law schools, paralegals, and law firms. With its innovative features and efficient case management tools, MyMunshi empowers legal professionals to focus on their practice while staying informed and organized.