Real Estate Sector Set to Experience Remarkable Growth in 2023, Says Market Expert Shravan Gupta, MGF Group

According to market experts, 2023 is going to be a pathbreaking year for real estate  where few projections will forecast a high growth rate in the upcoming months, which  makes real estate the optimum form of investment option. In 2023, some factors have  highlighted the importance of real estate which has played a critical role in boosting  sales.

Owning a home gives a sense of pride in Indian culture, and the story of Indian real  estate is unique and one of a kind. This thought process is never more relevant than  today. In 2023, people have realized the value of buying homes which has led to higher  sales and demand. “This has the potential to boost the economy and investments which  will welcome the change and lead to a foray of new investors and buyers in the real  estate segment”, says Mr. Sharavan Gupta of MGF Group.

A Sound Investment Option

As saving is the need of the present, the best way to save money is by investing in a  new house. This has emerged as a relatively safe and sound option. Mr. Shravan Gupta  of MGF Group explains, “As investments in the stock market or mutual funds, the prices  may fall or rise risking investments but with real estate the prices will fall but it will  always bounce back. Hence real estate seems to be the soundest form of investment,  when you sell in the future it will be at a much higher price.”

Optimum Tax Savings Option

Everyone wants to avail tax benefits and save money and buying a home has emerged  as an ideal form to gain tax benefits. The government gives certain tax deductions on  buying a home. This benefit grows if you’re a first-time buyer. Being bullish about this  sector and its growth sector Mr. Shravan Gupta added, “In 2023 the tax benefit scheme  will boost office and home sales.”

New Design Concepts

Nowadays builders are aware of Green Technology. Hence, most buildings are made  with green technology factors with huge open spaces and good airflow systems. This  reduces the electricity cost, also the expenses for buyers and investors. Mr. Shravan

Gupta of MGF Group is satisfied with this development and advocates green technology  which has played a vital role in boosting the economy.

Real estate has never been more important in the Indian economy until now. Mr. Shrava  Gupta of MGF Group is utilizing his new construction. This industry is bouncing and is  likely to thrive in the upcoming months.