Rockwell: Leading the Charge in Commercial Refrigeration Products in India

Amidst the remarkable surge in the FMCG industry, the demand for packaged and processed foods, as well as beverages, is experiencing an unprecedented rise worldwide. Additionally, there is a significant increase in the transportation of perishable goods and materials, The collective impact of these factors has resulted in an unparalleled surge in the demand for commercial refrigeration products. Established in 1986, Rockwell has steadily emerged as a prominent manufacturer of Commercial Refrigeration Appliances in India. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Rockwell has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing pioneering products like CFC free appliances, Eutectic Coolers & Freezers, Green Freezers, Hybrid Solar Freezers, and more.

Rockwell envisions establishing a renowned global brand by offering cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and cost-effective refrigeration solutions. With a strong commitment to quality, the only company in India which provides an extensive 10-year warranty on the body, featuring an inner coil made of corrosion-resistant 100 percent copper, setting it apart from aluminum alloy coils used by other brands. With 92% of the production carried out in-house across three plants, Rockwell ensures stringent quality control and precision. The brand boasts an impressive 53% reduction in electricity consumption compared to competitors, along with a remarkable 90mm Puff insulation, surpassing the industry standard of 60mm. Notably, Rockwell’s refrigeration systems boast a longer average product life of 12 years, contributing to lower operating costs. Moreover, the company takes pride in its environmentally friendly refrigerants, aligning with its sustainability initiatives. With 35 years of expertise in the refrigeration industry, Rockwell continues to spearhead innovation and raise the bar in the market.

Driven by a resolute mission to foster growth for all stakeholders, while maintaining unwavering integrity and ethical practices, Mr. Pankaj Jawa, representing Rockwell, expresses their dedication to customer delight. As the EVP of Channel Sales & B2B business, he emphasizes Rockwell’s commitment to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction by delivering world-class products at affordable prices with the lowest running costs. With a vision to expand their presence aggressively in the retail market, Rockwell aims to establish over 2000 retail sales points nationwide within the next nine months. 

In pursuit of this goal, the company has recently inaugurated a sales office in Delhi in presence of company’s visionary founder & Managing Director Mr. Ashok Gupta along with Director Sales & Marketing Mr. Prateek Gupta, strategically targeting North India, the largest retail market. In the domain of Chest Freezers, Rockwell already holds an 8% market share, aiming to elevate it to an impressive 15% over the next 2-3 years.

Rockwell is the first company in the country to introduce CFC free products and has the capacity to manufacture HC based Eco-friendly machines certified by TUV, Germany. Our state of the art 2 manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad can produce 300,000+ units per year. With more than 290 service franchisees and 200 dealer points spread across different demographics of the country.

Rockwell is making strides in the market with its diverse product range, offering Water Coolers, Dispensers, Kitchen Refrigerators, Ice Cube Making Machines, and Back Bar Chillers in its new lineup. According to Mr. Prateek Gupta Director Sales & Marketing, the Visi Cooler portfolio will hold a significant market share of 25%. Looking ahead, the company is expanding its capabilities with the establishment of a new factory in Lucknow dedicated to producing approximately 2 lakh Visi Coolers annually. This ambitious move aligns with the goal of crossing 1000 Crore revenue by FY’ 2025, showcasing a remarkable 40% revenue growth in the past year. As part of their growth strategy, Rockwell plans to invest in new offices, recruitment for field Sales Staff, marketing and branding plus further strengthening of Service Infrastructure, positioning itself to dominate the market from every angle with sustainable growth at its focus.

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