Frontline Schools Set Spectacular World Records in Patriotism, Artistry, and Sportsmanship

August 2, 2023, Tamil Nadu, India.,Frontline Schools in Tirupur, create Waves with Remarkable World Records, inspiring Patriotism, Creativity, Sportsmanship, and Environmental Consciousness. Students showcase dedication, unity, and talent in commemorating Indian independence, crafting origami models, performing sports drills, and creating impactful mosaics. These achievements were certified by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

Dr.Rabih Baalbakhi, Chief Executive Officer, Elite World Records stated that, 1415 participants have achieved a remarkable world record for, most participants performing in a Sports Drill Holding the Indian national flag. The students came together to commemorate the 76th year of Indian independence, in a breathtaking performance that lasted more than 4 minutes, they showcased their unity and love for their country. This record-breaking achievement not only instilled a sense of patriotism among young minds but also emphasized the significance of physical fitness and well-being. By setting this record, the participants have showcased the power of sports and unity, inspiring others to embrace a healthy and patriotic lifestyle, he further stated.

Dr.Noura.M., Ambassador and Senior Adjudicator, Elite World Records, detailed that, 2084 participants have achieved the title “Most Participants Making Origami Models Simultaneously ” Over two months of hard work paid off as the students expertly crafted 12 different origami models within just 10 minutes. Making a staggering total of 25,009 origami models, these students have set an inspiring example of teamwork and artistic prowess. This record-breaking feat celebrates the limitless possibilities of art and highlights the importance of encouraging creativity in our youth, she further said.

Hussein Ayoub, Chief Operations Officer, Asian Records Academy, pointed out that, 1415 participants have secured an exhilarating world record for “Most Participants Performing in a Sports Drill holding Pom Poms Simultaneously”, for 04 minutes and 45 seconds. This record-breaking event not only showcased the joy and excitement of sports but also highlighted the importance of sports drills in physical education and celebrates the spirit of unity and the power of sports in nurturing a sound mind and a healthy body, he further detailed.

Prathiba.P.G, Adjudicator, Asian Records Academy, stated that, Yaswanth.V.H, a Grade IX student from The Frontline Academy, has made the largest bottle caps mosaic. Yaswanth has spent 40 hours 30 minutes crafting a stunning mosaic measuring an impressive 38.08 square meters. Using 72,000 bottle caps in five vibrant colors, the mosaic depicted an Indian flag model adorned with brave jawans and their guns, paying tribute to Kargil Day 2023. Yaswanth’s perseverance and dedication have resulted in a masterpiece that captures the essence of patriotism and honors the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers, she further added.

Dr.Hanifa Banu, Adjudicator, Elite World Records, pointed out that, Rohesh Jovi, a Grade VIII student from Frontline Millennium School, has created the largest paper cups mosaic. Rohesh dedicated nearly 20 hours 30 minutes to craft an impressive mosaic measuring 36.42 square meters. Utilizing 27,000 paper cups in five vibrant colors, the artwork depicted a globe with a plant, symbolizing the message of “Plant for the Planet.” The record-breaking paper cups mosaic serves as a visual representation of the urgent need for environmental conservation and reiterates the importance of planting trees for a sustainable future. May this record-setting mosaic encourage others to contribute towards a greener and healthier world, she further treasured.

Bhavana Navaneeth, Adjudicator, Elite World Records, stated that in an extraordinary display of creativity and talent, Dhanyaasri.A.K, a Grade X student from Frontline Millennium School, has made the largest ice-sticks mosaic. Dhanyaasri dedicated her time, spending more than 55 hours to complete the masterpiece. Using 65,000 ice sticks in four vibrant colors, the mosaic measured 20 square meters. The artwork depicted the G20 India 2023 logo, accompanied by the caption “G20 India 2023 – One Earth, One Family, One Future.” This record-setting mosaic is an inspiration to young individuals worldwide, showcasing the power of art in conveying meaningful messages. Congratulations to Dhanyaasri and Frontline Millennium School for their unwavering support and encouragement, she further added.

M.Lavanya, Principal, Frontline Millennium School, detailed that In a phenomenal display of talent and dedication, a Grade X student Tharsika.K.S has made the “Longest Charcoal Drawing,” the masterpiece stretches an astounding 260.17 meters in length. The breathtaking artwork, titled “Pride of India,” required over 70 hours of relentless hard work and unwavering commitment, stun with its sheer scale, but its artistic quality is equally mesmerizing. The intricacy and finesse in capturing the subject’s essence evoke a profound emotional connection in viewers, leaving them spellbound. The young artist’s feat stands as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering brilliance and making a profound mark on the world of art, she further said.

Frontline Schools series of world records serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to excellence, creativity, and unity. With each new record, they continue to inspire and empower young minds, setting the stage for even more extraordinary accomplishments in the future.


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